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What is Street Workout?

Street workout is gaining more and more popularity. If a few years ago street workout was known only in narrow circles, today not only pros, but also beginners go out to practice on the street sports ground. Why has this sport become so famous

What is a Workout?

In fact, this is a whole subculture. Urban athletes work out on horizontal bars, uneven bars and other equipment that can be found in parks or in the yards of houses. Training in street conditions is gradually becoming the norm: earlier, mostly young people went to the horizontal bars. Now people of any gender and age, regardless of the level of physical fitness, go to classes in the parks. Interestingly, the workout for girls and men does not have significant differences.

Who is Street Training for?

Workout is suitable for everyone without exception. You simply choose the appropriate level of difficulty and train, regardless of the conventions. Street athletes are not gymnasts, so the use of special equipment is not essential. The main thing is to train outside.

It is interesting. Workout, unlike most sports, is not aimed at the isolated study of individual parts of the body. Street athletes pump all muscle groups.

So if you decide to get rid of excess weight or develop endurance, as well as improve the relief of the body, the workout is for you.

How to Prepare for a Street Workout?

The main advantage of this direction is that it does not require any specialized simulators and equipment. Comfortable clothes are enough (it is not necessary to buy a sports suit for the street, you can train in shorts and a T-shirt), as well as good shoes. It is the choice of sneakers that should be taken as seriously as possible: the sole with arch support provides comfort while running, and reliable fixation of the ankle reduces the risk of injury.

How to Start Exercising Outside?

The street training program necessarily includes a warm-up. This is a necessary element of the load, which allows you to warm up the muscles and prepare for active exercises. Without a warm-up, the risk of injury during certain exercises increases significantly. What should be included in the warm-up program?

  • A short run at a comfortable pace – 15-20 minutes.
  • Wave your arms to the sides.
  • Body tilts.
  • Rotation of the knees and feet.

Warming up will help warm up the muscles, increase the heart rate and start the processes of active metabolism. This means that training will bring even more benefits and help you get rid of excess weight much faster.

How to Choose your Difficulty level?

All types of workout exercises have a degree of difficulty, which helps to choose the optimal load.

  • Level 1. Suitable even for beginners without sports training. All exercises at this level can be performed without even knowing the correct technique. Of course, at first it is better to train under the supervision of an experienced consultant, but if for some reason you cannot attend a fitness club, you can figure out the exercises yourself.
  • Level 2. A more complex technique that requires basic athletic training and flexibility. At this stage, you are approaching the classic street workout exercises.
  • Level 3. The optimal training program for those who can train according to the classical scheme.
  • Level 4. For experienced athletes who want to improve endurance and focus on certain muscle groups.

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