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Setting Up A Gym For Women – Special Training

Set up a Gym for Women  – If you are considering setting up a gym and want an original and profitable idea. Indeed, setting up an exclusive women’s gym has crossed your mind.

Probably, many doubts will have arisen. Mainly that you would be leaving 50% of your potential clients out of your business plan male clients and that this could make the business not work or that you could not obtain the expected profitability.

Don’t worry! Because I’m going to give you the reasons to see the possibilities of setting up a women’s gym and how to set up the business model.

Reasons to set up a Gym For Women

Woman and Sport

Initial of all. I need to tell you that there is a higher percentage of women who do sports than men, according to different sources: 20% of women vs. 16% of men. So the target audience you want to address has a more optimal profile for the business.


What can lead a woman to join a gym exclusively for women? Well, mainly. Some girls feel intimidated by the looks of others, and they probably haven’t played sports regularly. Which would make them feel ridiculous and even more so if they feel watched. This is extrapolated to men.

Special Training Features – Gym For Women

Although we are in a society that fights for gender equality (which I support 100%). There are essential differences between women and men regarding metabolic and hormonal characteristics. The hormonal system plays an essential and determining role in sports performance. (I could go on a lot. But I will try to be as brief as possible). First. It is obvious, but it must be said that the female reproductive system differs from the male. Therefore. It is not only necessary to differentiate between the training of men and women but also to differentiate between women based on the length of the menstrual cycle. This can be 21 days, 28 days, or 35 days. When we look for performance in women. This is going to be a determining factor for it,

  • Postmenstrual, ovulatory and postovulatory phases: They are consider more favorable for improving neural activities such as sense of rhythm, speed, and coordination, and the load should be reduced.
  • Postmenstrual and postovulatory phases: Athletes assume more tolerance to load. In addition to being phases in which the training volume can be increase. This increase in hormones will make a recovery faster.

As good coaches, we must consider this since we must adapt the training planning to this evasion. That said. If you specialize in this market niche, you must take all this casuistry into account, be the best in the field and share all this information with your target audience.

The Feeling of Belonging to the Group (Loyalty)

If we have a sound business system with Recruitment and loyalty systems. We will create tribes within our women’s gym. In which the members will feel part of it and have a deep-rooted sense of belonging. Which will make them our ambassadors, and we will create a system that attracts new clients and retains them.

Specialization – Women’s Gym

Within the business models focused on physical activity and health, the trend is towards specialization. The more specialists we are in a subject, our circle of action is reduce, but all that market niche will be for us.

Change of Vision in Women’s Training – Women’s Gym

Girls have been playing sports for a relatively short time, so there are many myths about playing sports. There are still beliefs that girls should only do cardio to lose fat or choreograph activities that few men dare to enter, so it seems that low-intensity cardio or dance activities are the ones that are labeled for women. Nothing is further from reality.

Thanks to advances in science, today we have a broader knowledge of training, especially female training, which interests us in this case. It is scientifically proven that strength and high-intensity training in women will significantly improve their physical condition, performance, and female aesthetics. We must take advantage of this knowledge to take advantage of our business.

In summary, there is a change in trends regarding female training; as a coach, we are pleased because we must educate ourselves in the new training systems and share this knowledge with our girls so that they are aware of it.

Trends and Most Frequent Fitness Classes among Women

There is currently a change in trends among women in terms of training. As we mentioned in the previous point, I will give you a summary of the current trends in physical activity among the female public.

Fit Boxing – Women’s Gym

It is important to specify this point well since we are not talking about boxing as such. Since most people who practice this type of activity do not like physical contact, this activity combines boxing techniques against a bag and functional training with medicine balls, jump ropes, ropes, etc.


It is not a ballet activity but a mix between dance, yoga, and fitness.


My advice is that you specialize in the female audience but that you have several modalities and niches to target within this audience. In the following points, I will give you some examples and ideas.

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