You have a variety of bra-style options, and your closet appears to be a small place to fit all of them. From push-up bras to bralette, you can wear different bras based on your comfort, apparel, fit, and event.

However, in this guide, we are going to discuss different level of impact of sports bras, and how to differentiate between them.

Before you explore the impact sports bra realm, it is important to understand what they are.

Understanding Impact Sports Bras

Impact bras, or sports bras, came into existence in 1977 to restrict the bust movement and became a popular bra to wear while going for jogs. The sports bra is designed to reduce breast movement so that you can exercise with ease.

These bras have a unique structure as compared to traditional bras. When you visit website to search for impact sports bras, you notice they come in three impact levels, such as low, medium, and high.

You can select the impact level of the bra based on your physical endeavors. For instance, a high-intensity workout session requires you to wear a high-impact sports bra. This will ensure that you enjoy ample support and comfort while doing your exercises.

Here are three different impact level of sports bras:

Low-Impact Sports Bras:

This bra can be worn when you plan to work on low-intensity exercises with minimal movement. yoga, walking, and Pilates are a few exercises for which you can wear low-impact bras.

This low-impact sports bra is also suitable to wear while lounging at home and running errands. It is a good bra option for a light and comfortable session or simply being at home.

Medium-Impact Sports Bra:

This bra is worn when you are working out on exercises with medium breast movement. Weight training, golfing and hiking are a few activities that can be carried out in these medium-impact bras. They are a sports bra variant that offers you adequate support but with a different framework.

High-Impact Sports Bra:

This bra can be worn while performing rigorous activities. Dancers, runners, and athletes, among others, can wear this bra regularly during their high-intensity practice sessions.

This high-impact bra restricts your breast movement, assuring that your breast tissues remain in good health. Therefore, this bra is a good pick to enjoy the right blend of comfort and support.

You can consider the following aspects while deciding between low- and high-impact sports bras:

Comfort Through the Day

If you find your everyday bras mundane, you can opt for a low-impact sports bras. These bras do not cause harm to your skin, shoulders, or back; on the contrary, they are comfortable.

Low-impact bras can be padded or non-padded, lightweight, and made of stretchable fabric that encourages you to move around with ease. A few variants also can take the form of a crop-top or bralette.

They are suitable for casual days to lounge at home, run errands, and enjoy the required support.

Well-Engineered Bras

Sports bras are made of comfy fabrics that do not cause rashes or dig into your skin. The low-impact bra fabric can survive basic movement, while the high-impact bra fabric can resist rigorous movements in addition to keeping you sweat-free throughout the session.

You can visit the Wacoal website to check the fabric of these impact sports bras and make your purchase decision accordingly. Bras with mesh lining, sweat-wicking capabilities and smooth fabrics are considered a good choice for women with an active lifestyle.

Style Quotient

Your low-impact bra does not have to be uninteresting, and your high-impact bra does not have to be exclusive. The truth is that your sports bra can be both fancy and comfortable, regardless of its impact level. You can go for a run in a fashionable bra, while you can run errands at the supermarket in a comfortable, low-impact bra.

The athleisure trend is globally accepted, and hence you can find a wide array of fashionable active wear around the world. You do not have to compromise on style to stay comfortable. You can purchase a sports bra that is comfortable and makes a fashion statement.

You can find these bras in diverse sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. This means you can have an exclusive sportswear collection in your closet.

Active wear Bra Collection at Wacoal

Asean Sports Non-Wired Padded Bra: This sports bra is a hot seller on the Wacoal website and is suitable for high-intensity workout sessions. The cups are designed in a cut-and-sew technique with fiberfill, which makes the bra more breathable. This bra has a mesh neckline, which offers ample coverage, and the fabric offers UV protection, avoids chlorine reactions and skin irritation.

Sports Lover Non-Wired Padded Bra: This stylish bra is designed with a high neckline, which is a favorite of almost every woman who enjoys workout sessions. The soft, gauzy fabric allows you to breathe through your sessions, and the woven fabric restricts friction around the arm area and neck. The stylish fit allows you to concentrate on the exercise and stay focused while working out.

Visit the Wacoal website to discover dynamic sports bra alternatives that can be included in your closet. You can simply run through the product description to know the fabric, size availability, and color options. This will help you decide whether to purchase a low-impact or high-impact sports bra.