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Wilbur Soot Hair – Career, Life, Social Media, And More

Wilbur Soot Hair – Wilbur Soot started the server in April after begging Carson for an episode of Soothe. So naturally, he was soon offered to squat in Beef Stew’s melon castle while Beef studied. Although he had never broadcast before, he quickly befriended many people on the server and found himself at home among them.

Wilbur soot is growing in the fashion industry and the hairstyle. So he lets his hair grow and keeps it loosely waving.

Schlatt then helped Wilbur eliminate targets on the server, including Junky Janker, who backfired, resulting in a lawsuit between Wilbur and Schlatt. Wilbur was convicted and sentenced to death by spleef. He moved in June 2019, so he was not present on the server for a few months.

Upon his return, though, Wilbur’s time on SMP Live was cut short at another point after a prank that backfired on Antivenom caused him to take time off.

Learn More About His Career

He was primarily producing a video with Jschlatt, but due to unknown circumstances, he is now doing them on his own. He was then invited RT Game Crowd to the server. RT then built a house on Wilbur’s Island, and the two have lived together ever since.

He briefly joined the server again to participate in the Splice Talent Show, which he won with a rendition of the song. It is when he was 14, ‘The Squid Song.’ Additionally, he returned to Splice to create Whaler Soot, the fact-sharing whale in the Nether Hub

Wilbur Soot said that he thinks the first season has run its course, and he is looking forward to the second season to rekindle his passion for the Splice server.

Real Estate. He showed him and Soot George mocking websites selling cheap houses in Eastern Europe.

Professional Life

Wilbur Soot used to major in film and video editing and was an editor at Soothouse, a YouTube channel featuring him and his close friends watching Reddit memes. He claimed to have two middle names, neither of which is Arthur, despite what some sources might say. He didn’t go much further when it was said, just that his first name is after his grandfather, his first name after his father, and his middle name after his grandfather.

Body Measurements

He is tall and stands at the height of 6 feet. Likewise, it has a corresponding body weight of around 75 kg. He has a good physique and a muscular body. And his bicep size is 14 inches. Also, the shoe size is 9 (UK). Additionally, he has dark brown eyes. The Wilbur soot hair has a dark brown color.

Social Media And Net Worth

His Instagram account has 476,000 followers. His Twitter account has 605.6,000 followers. Additionally, he has 1.78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also has 286,000 subscribers on his next YouTube channel, “Wilbur Music.” Moreover, he has a net worth of around $42,000.


Wilbur Soot hair is dark brown and a bit wavy. The hair color reflects his skin tone and applies to his face. He is growing in popularity on social media and his YouTube channel. The hair is a bit longer than the usual normal hair and provides a dusky look to his face.

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