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Light Skin Face – Different Shades And Spots

Light Skin Face – Bronzer for light skin is a beauty topic that has occupied me for years. Although, bronzer wasn’t always part of my daily routine. I used only to wear bronzer in the summer to look more tanned. But especially for pale noses like me (aka pancake faces), bronzers are a perfect way to contour the front slightly.

Yes, contour and bronzing are two different things. For complex photo sessions, I separate this process into several steps. For everyday use, however, I use a bronzer to give my face more shape and color.

Different Types Of Shades For Light Skin Face

Bronzing Powder

The darkest bronzer of my pick. Applying Laguna with a fluffy brush and an even transparent layer is best. Although Laguna is relatively dark, the powder’s undertone suits fair skin perfectly. It is slightly ashy and neither glittery nor reddish when applied. The Swatch put me off at first, but once on the skin, I was in love!

Ambient Lighting Bronzer In Bronze Light

Part of my Ambient Lighting Palette, but the bronzers can also be purchased separately. Luminous Bronze Light has a warm undertone but a particularly transparent finish. The bronzer combines with the skin and can be perfectly blended.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer

Touted so often, I still can’t get enough of the chocolate bronzer! A gorgeous matte bronzer with an ashy undertone. My workhorse for every day! It always works, can be performed nicely, and the chocolate scent is a little bonus.

Choose Color By Eye Color

Of course, the eyes’ color must also be considered when choosing a color. The goal is for your irises to stand out and be sublimated by your new hair color . This choice must be made wisely because while some shades will easily enhance your eyes, other shades will soften your gaze, helping to give you a sad, faded look.

If you have a fair complexion and blue eyes, you should know that the coppery or slightly golden blonde shades go very well with your complexion and the color of your irises. Your pale face will be illuminated. Be careful not to crack on too yellow or blonde as these tend to have the opposite effect.

Pale skin with beautiful green eyes will be overwhelmed by a tint with golden or copper shimmers. On the other hand, you should avoid Asch coloring, which would lead to a grey face and spoil the beauty of your eyes.

If you have pale skin and brown or black eyes, opt for colors with a warm sheen (gold, copper, or red) to support your mysterious beauty. As with green eyes, avoid ashes that are too cold and browns without reflections that make your face look dull.

Why Do Spots Appear On Light Skin Face?

Skin spots occur when melanin production is out of balance due to harmful habits such as uncontrolled exposure to UV light, tobacco use, smog and an unbalanced diet.

They are manifested by the appearance of one or more hyperpigmented areas on the skin’s surface. Other exogenous and endogenous factors, such as hormonal fluctuations, drug use, hereditary factors or diseases, also contribute to the appearance of spots.

Can We Eliminate Them?

Not all stains fully respond to cosmetic treatments. In many cases, the only – often incomplete – solution lies in the hands of cosmetic surgeons.

However, with the continuous use of unique products, the irregular pigmentation is softened, brightened and reduced. The protocol counteracts the disturbed and unstable formation of melanin on several levels. It promotes skin renewal, eliminates superficial dark spots, modifies the amount and type of pigment formed (light and dark melanin) and protects the skin from UV and IR radiation.


Your skin, the organ which covers your entire body, can throw a lot at you, from acne and wrinkles to eczema and dullness. On your journey to take control of your complexion, you may have encountered a common problem: feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of products on the market. And many of them make big claims.

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