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Ginger Hairs On Brown Skin – The Proper Shade

Ginger Hairs – Dark brown can also be transformed into bright red in this way. Alternatively, your hair may be resistant to chemicals. It happens, for example, when you use shine-enhancing care products. Then you should pre-apply a color developer that allows the color to penetrate the hair shaft.

Which Hair Color Suits Which Skin Type?

We were wondering if you look good with ginger hairs. So we take the uncertainty away from you: Yes! Because in principle, the hair color suits all skin types and eye colors – it just depends on the right nuance.

Red suits light skin types. Since they usually have blue or grey eyes and the skin nuance is rather rosy, cool red tones such as plum or violet are suitable.

You have a medium skin type if your complexion has a beige or slightly yellowish shimmer and your eyes are brown or green. Then warm red tones like copper or bright tomato red suit you.

If you have a dark or heavily tanned complexion, you must be careful that the ginger hairs color does not look artificial. So don’t choose a fiery red but relatively light mahogany or opt for a brown with a red shimmer.Ginger Hair

Which Means Are Suitable For Coloring Hair?

All completely natural: The advantage of vegetable dyes is that the hair is not damaged as much. With this method, the coat is roughened so that the color pigments can get under the first layer of hair. Then, the hair structure is closed again with a conditioner.

Tip: Henna is the most well-known vegetable dye for dyeing hair red. However, you should never use this if you have already used chemical paint.

Chemical power: With chemical dyes, on the other hand, the hair takes on the respective color completely. It happens through oxidation and hydrogen peroxide. As soon as the paint hits your hair, specific reactions produce oxygen, which immediately changes the color pigments. As a result, the hair can be dyed up to four tones lighter with it. However, this variant is not quite as gentle.

What Color Intensity?

If the hair only gets a slight red shimmer, the color difference between the original color and the coloration should not be too big. Compared to dark hair colors, a more robust red result is achieved with blond hair. A base color like dark brown will give you a red tinge; for example, a copper tint on light brown hair will result in auburn hair like Kendall Jenner’s.

It would help if you used this effect to achieve a bright red: bleaching the hair removes color pigments. This pre-treatment is necessary for a bright red. But beware: lighting is risky. Contact a professional hairdresser for this.

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With blondies, the switch to red is solid; we recommend approaching it with pastel strawberry blonde. You are prepared for the summer with the rosé shimmer in your hair. For example, your blonde tone is lightly colored with copper or apricot-colored pigments. However, the strawberry shade should not be lighter than the original color.


Not everyone tolerates chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. The scalp may become red, itchy, or burned. You should, therefore, always check the compatibility of chemical colorations beforehand: Dab a bit of the color behind your ear with a cotton swab – if there is no reaction visible after 48 hours, you can apply the product without hesitation. Better to use natural colors for redness.

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