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Hair Care Tips To Keep your Hair Healthy

Hair Care Tips – Learn to improve the health of your hair and give it a better look for this summer with these nine tips and advice on how to take care of it.

When it comes to hair, there is a word that reflects our lives around it: experimentation. Have you assumed how many times you wash it in a year? How many times have you cut or dyed it in your life? Have you taken the time to take care of it properly? If there are any warning signs, it’s time to create healthy hair care habits and bring healthy, shiny dreamy hair to life.

Nine Tips to Take Care of Hair – Hair Care Tips

1. Take Attention to your Hair Before and After Washing it – Hair Care

Be careful that brushing should not only be done at night. You can also give yourself the time to brush your hair before washing it, thus preventing it from getting tangled or eliminating knots that prevent the penetration of the shampoo and conditioner. This process will allow optimal untangling or the subsequent use of essential oils for total care.

2. Use Cold Water at the Finish of the Wash

This is an old secret, but you’ve probably heard it: rinsing hair with cold water leaves it incredibly shiny at the end of the wash. It is absolutely true because this gesture stimulates blood circulation and closes the hair cuticle. If you have a hard time with cold water, try to use lukewarm water since hot water damages your hair.

3. Do not Rub the Hair so Intensely

Be careful with this point. It is unnecessary to rub the hair so much when you wash it because doing so activates the sebaceous glands producing a counterproductive oily effect. It is enough to spread the shampoo generously on the scalp, do not raise the rest of your hair to the head, it is unnecessary.

4. Always use the Same Shampoo

Be careful. You do not need to change shampoo constantly. If there is a formula that you think gives you good results, then stick with it! There is no scientific evidence that hair becomes immune to the benefits of the same shampoo. So if it works for you, do not change.use the Same Shampoo

5. Use a Hair Mask

Suppose you apply a  mask once or twice a week. Congratulations! But remember to let it act longer than usual, hopefully between 5 and 20 minutes. After washing, dry your hair with a towel and spread your protective cream strand by strand. Then apply heat with a transparent film, and voila!

6. Dry Hair Before Bed – Hair Care

It happens that sometimes in the rush of our day, we can’t dry our hair at night, and it’s probably one of the worst beauty decisions of life. It would be best if you did not go to bed with showery hair. If we go to sleep with drizzly hair, we can damage the shell of the scalp, causing irritation that will later cause discomfort. You can use a hair dryer on the minimum accompanied by a thermal protector for a better result.

7. Brush your Hair Gently

How various times do you brush your hair daily? Although I am sure that some of us never brush our hair, the fact is that brushing is decisive in showing off great hair. Therefore, the how, when, and with what of brushing are a fundamental part of the equation.

Depending on the thickness, hair experts from major international celebrities recommend brushing the hair between 10 and 20 times a day. So that? Simple, because brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes product residue, stimulates blood circulation, promotes growth, and enhances its shine. We are sure that after this tip, you will follow this ritual to the letter!

When hair is wet, it is more delicate, so it is vital to use a suitable brush to detangle the hair. It is ideal to use a  broad toothbrush and always remember: to comb the ends and then go up to the roots. And when the hair is dehydrated, opt for a brush with natural bristles. You will be surprised!

8. Use Oils for Dry Hair – Hair Care

Masks and conditioners help, but the treatments that manage to repair dry hair without cutting it are oils. If chemical treatments have spoiled your hair, the oil restores the content of each hair fiber making each one translucent again, producing that incredible shine that healthy hair wears. A secret of nature: gently spread the ends of your hair in olive or coconut oil, gather it in a bun, and leave it overnight. You’ll be surprise! Goodbye oily hair, goodbye split ends!

9. Cut Hair According to the Phases of the Moon

Remember that for the hair to grow faster. It is necessary to review the ends at least every two months. The issue is when to cut it.

Crescent Moon – If you want your hair to grow faster and be very strong, cut it in this lunar phase. It is also an outstanding time to cut the dry or “bloomed” ends, which will help improve the overall structure of the capillaries. It is preferable to cut your hair between 12 noon and 6 pm when there is a progressive increase in lunar attraction.

Full moon – If your hair is damage, mistreated, dry, and without shine or life, don’t hesitate to use the full moon to cut it. This favors it to grow more abundant, healthy, bright, and strong. The cut must be made between 6 in the morning and noon, preferably one day before the full moon or the same day that this phase begins.

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