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Take Care of your Cats or Puppy – Until It Becomes An Adult

The first months of our cats or puppy life are an adventure for us as owners. And it is that, during this period full of emotions, our pet discovers the world, learns, grows, and develops. That is why it is necessary to know how to accompany each of its different stages with the appropriate care, especially at a nutritional level.

The nutritional needs of kittens or puppies are not the same as they will be as adults. During the growth stage, they change as significantly as the development of their skeleton, muscles, immune system, or cognitive capacity. In this sense, nutrition is essential. So they need a diet that adapts to the changes they will experience during these first months to achieve healthy growth.

As a general rule, “owners are aware that their pets have to take a specific food for puppies. But not that they will go through different stages until adult life and that their diet has to change in each one of them. Therefore, them to cover their nutritional needs and physical changes”. Affirms the Royal Canin veterinarian, Javier Manzanares. For this reason, as owners, we must not only know them but also go to the vet “at least once a calendar month,” to find out if our pet’s growth is taking place correctly in each of these stages.

Javier Manzanares, Royal Canin veterinarian.

And it is that we must not forget that. In these first months, kittens or puppies have an immature immune system. A delicate digestive system, and specific and complex nutritional needs to which only a diet adapted to their growth stage manage to answer. For example, “as the skeleton is being formed. The needs for calcium and phosphorus are different. As are the protein levels for proper muscle development,” Manzanares points and puppy

But, of course, the veterinarian also insists that this protein must be highly digestible due to the immaturity of its digestive system and contain prebiotics to promote a healthy microbiota and not cause problems. The same happens with his immune system. Which is still very immature at the moment. Still, a diet ironic in antioxidants can help support it by improving the levels of vaccine antibodies.


What Does Your Pet Need In Each Phase? Cats or Puppy

In their first year. Kittens require an adapted diet that covers the specific nutritional needs of their young age and is adapted to their digestive and immune systems. Favoring their correct development.

Their first growth phase corresponds to breastfeeding. Which can be replace by easily digestible formulas that include the necessary nutrients for their cognitive development. On the other hand. Its first solid food is established after one month of life.

At this time, the kitten would begin its natural weaning period with a formula that is highly concentrate in energy and rich in nutrients to promote its development. In the last stage, before becoming an adult cat. The diet should be change to a formula rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamins E and C and taurine. Which help strengthen its defenses by improving its response to vaccination and its body development.


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