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Radiant Skin Program – Nutrition, Advanced Program And More

Radiant skin program taking care of your skin with cosmetics and procedures is very important. But we must not forget that the skin is a part of the body in which all systems are closely interconnected. A blooming appearance directly depends on internal processes, and especially on our diet.

How Nutrition Affects The Skin?

Like any system of our body, the skin needs nutrients. It contains a wide variety of biochemical processes. Some cells produce keratin, which forms a protective barrier on the surface of the body. Others are melanin, which protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Collagen and elastin are synthesizes for skin elasticity. All these and many other processes require, firstly, “building materials”, and secondly, energy. The lack of any of the components disrupts the coordinated work of cells, and as a result, both the appearance of the skin and its functions deteriorate.

Basic Program “Shining Skin”

It is possible at any age to have smooth and elastic skin that seems to glow from the inside. But for this she needs comprehensive support.

Formula 1 protein shake is a source of high quality protein. During digestion, the body breaks down proteins into amino acids, from which it then constructs its own protein compounds. Some amino acids are essential, meaning they cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained from food. One of these essential acids, threonine, plays an important role in the formation of collagen and elastic.Shining Skin

Aloe Plant Drink Can Support And Stimulate

The Aloe plant drink can support and stimulate the natural functioning of the digestive system. Aloe vera extract is able to activate the metabolism of intestinal bacteria that are involved in digestion [3]. When beneficial microflora flourishes, the body extracts the maximum of beneficial components from food. This means that the skin receives all the substances it needs in full.

Protein Blend Serves

Formula 3 protein blend serves as an additional source of protein. The product contains proteins of plant and animal origin: soy protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. In each serving, 5 g of pure protein is a resource for biochemical processes in the body, including skin structures.

Collagen Beauty Complex

(Collagen Beauty Complex) is a complex of active ingredients for maintaining beauty, containing bioactive Verisol P collagen peptides, as well as vitamins and minerals. The interweaving of elastic collagen fibers makes the skin smooth and prevents its deformation.

Extended program “Radiant Skin”

Two additional products – two more ways to influence the skin to maintain its youth and beauty.

An oatmeal-apple drink can even more effectively support digestion. It is rich in fiber, which serves as a breeding ground for beneficial intestinal microflora. Each serving contains 5 g of fiber, or 17% of the daily requirement.

Extended program _Radiant Skin_

A daily moisturizer for natural radiance of the skin helps restore water balance. The deterioration of its appearance is associated with insufficient intake of fluid in the skin tissue: peeling, reduced elasticity, and the appearance of wrinkles . Cream based on natural ingredients supplies cells with moisture and helps to retain it.

Advanced Program “Glowing Skin”

Designed specifically for those who want to get the maximum effect from the program.

Green Max Select

all the benefits of fresh greens at any time of the year. The product contains 14 herbal ingredients and superfoods. Thanks to modern technologies, their nutritional properties are fully preserved. From greens, the body receives vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, which are necessary for the health of all its systems, including the skin.

Herbalifeline Max

contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are able to participate in the regulation of blood pressure, improve blood clotting, and make the walls of blood vessels more elastic

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