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What are the Properties of Collagen? – Sources

Properties of Collagen: This protein is the main element of the biological “glue” that fills the space between cells. Its fibers can withstand 10,000 times their own weight and are stronger than steel wire. That is why a lot of these fibers are required by the skin, tendons, bones and cartilage tissue [1].

Collagen forms a strong “corset” for organs and plays an important role in the life cycle of cells. Thanks to it, age-related changes at the cellular level slow down [1].

Why Collagen may not be Enough?

An important condition for maintaining the integrity of the connective tissue is the constant renewal of collagen fibers. Special cells are responsible for its synthesis. However, with age, their activity decreases, and collagen production becomes insufficient. And without timely “repair”, the fibers can gradually lose strength. As Doctor of Sciences O. Kapuler writes, this is one of the main causes of age-related changes in the skin and other tissues [3].

How to make up for the Lack of Collagen?

Scientists have been working on the question of how to compensate for collagen deficiency for a long time. Often it is included in cosmetic products to enhance the beneficial effects on the skin from the outside. Penetrating into tissues, it can stimulate the production of its own collagen.make up for the Lack of Collagen

Recently, collagen is increasingly being added to products for a balanced diet. Modern technologies make it possible to convert it into a dry form without losing valuable properties. When adding liquid, dry collagen easily returns to its original state. Products with collagen help to increase skin elasticity and bone strength, restore joints and ligaments, and strengthen hair and nails

What Herbalife Nutrition Develop?

Herbalife Nutrition has developed a product with bioactive collagen  Collagen Beauty Complex (Collagen Beauty Complex) *. When it is created, collagen peptides are used. They are smaller than collagen molecules, which means they are better absorbed. The product also contains vitamins and minerals, which, together with collagen, help maintain skin tone and slow down aging processes at the molecular level.

Especially such products are important for those who lead an active lifestyle. Candidate of Sciences N. Mezenova considers collagen to be one of the essential nutrients in the diet of athletes who go in for speed and power sports. Thanks to him, muscle tissue can stay in good shape for longer under stress. Accordingly, the effectiveness of training increases

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What is Collagen and what is it for?

There are up to 50,000 different proteins in the human body. All of them are important in their own way, but one plays a special role. Meet collagen, one of the most essential proteins in the human body.

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