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Lavender Suit – Street Style And Different Trends

Lavender Suit –  Sometimes what the experts in the field dictate does not have to be what ends up curdling on the street because, after all, taste and preferences are governed by perception and subjectivity. The same thing happens year after year, for example, with color.

On The Catwalk

The proposals of the big fashion firms flirt with lilac and lavender. Everyone chooses the tone that best suits them, but always within the lightest palette and usually presented in monochrome looks accompanied by accessories in neutral tones. A delicate manner provides uniqueness, femininity, and a cold counterpoint to the ideal outfits when temperatures are higher.

On The Catwalk

The sheer chiffon and tulle dresses by Ulla Johnson, the more satiny proposals by Max Mara, the spectacular canvas dress with huge bow by Valentino, the most minimalist proposals with pronounced openings by Givenchy, or even Alessandro Michele himself. It is also worth remembering Jacques’s’ impressive parade through lavender fields in his French Provence, where he is from. A spectacular staging to commemorate the tenth anniversary of one of the firms that raise the most expectations among millennials and generation Z.

On The Street

Parallel to the catwalks, the most pastel purple began to emerge strongly last year in the street style of the most influential cities in fashion. Around the traditional parades in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Copenhagen. The style prescribers were the first to wear their outfits dyed in this vindictive color that appeals to feminism.

The actresses Emilia Clarke and Charlize Theron also opted for the lavender tone: Clarke opted for a Balmain dress at the 2019 Oscars gala and Theron for a tailored suit. Even the British it girl, Alexa Chung, opted for this color in a vintage-style dress with lace and transparency at the Gala during Paris Fashion Week.

Different Lavender Suit Trends

Trend – 1

I start with this look whose main base is a raincoat, and that inspires me with two different combinations. One very casual, with a knitted dress, but which is ideal for a day at work. And the other sporty deluxe,  with a set of pants and a sweatshirt, combined with high-heeled sandals. It is perfect garment for these Easter days, in which we want to be comfortable but at the same time not lose an iota of glamour.

Trend – 2

The following look is based on a chiffon dress, which I think is ideal both to wear with a blazer. One of those events that you will indeed have this spring. Combine with a feather coat to give it a touch more sport because it is already known that in spring the weather always surprises you.

Trend – 3

And the last one, not the worst for that, is a look based on a lavender-toned duster coat. Perfect for spring, and combining it with a knitted maxi dress or a set of pants. In addition, a crop top is at the level of style of any of these photos of street style.

A special touch in the accessories, I highlight the hair clutch to give it a more festive style, and the midi-heeled mules, perfect for those marathon days we live.


Classic Blue is the theory dictated by the color authority after a year of research and trend analysis. However, the reality is different in practice because it does not always lead to curdling among the knowledgeable public that sets trends. At the moment, the color that is triumphing in fashion is lilac or lavender.

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