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Dress Well Fashion Tips – How to Wear and Look?

How to dress well fashion does not mean that you have to wear a uniform, because then we would all dress the same. When you see someone who dresses well, it’s not necessarily because they dress the way you like. For us, dressing well means you feel comfortable and safe when you defend what you wear. Dress well could be replace by Dress SAFE. Everything you wear that in your clothes will be a success.

But to get it, it’s not something you’re born with. And also for many years, you dress as your parents want. With age, it gets polished. As a teenager, you follow the most marked trends. Everything is going well for you. With 20 years, you begin to define what you like, but always with touches of a strong trend. With 30 already, the style has started to emerge. Some are more comfortable with some techniques than with others. With 40, how you dress is already how you will dress, without too many changes. From the ’50s, quality garments, colors, and garments with personality are mixed. Finally, a personal style is achieved that lasts until 100 and beyond.

Downsize your closet – Dress Well Fashion

The more things you have, the worse, you won’t see the clothes, fewer combinations will occur to you, and as a consequence, you will always go with the last thing you bought. You will get bored and return to the vicious cycle of believing you have nothing to wear. Do cleaning, really think if as much as you liked it at the time, and even now, you are going to wear it again. Or maybe it already deserves a new life in a new closet.

Downsizing your wardrobe will also help define your style. Once you eliminate the things that subtract, only the things that multiply remain. You will probably notice that there are clothes you were not valued enough for having too many things.

Dress Well Fashion Christian Virg

The fewer clothes you have, the better you will dress is a phrase that, as contradictory as it sounds, is a reality. Therefore, you should only consider women you admire who have few clothes but are excellent and timeless.Dress Well Fashion

Know Yourself

And we mean getting to know you thoroughly, both what you like and your styles, such as morphology and tones. It’s not the same to dress if you’re tall or short, if you have blonde or dark hair, your watch silhouette is sand, triangle, pear, or square. The more you know what looks good on you, or at least what you look best, the easier it is to get your look right. An excellent way is to know what season of the year it is and thus bet on a series of colors you had not even considered.

It is also essential to not take for granted that there are garments that are NOT without trying them on. Try on different styles to discard; indeed, one that you did not expect will become one of your favorites.

Dress Well Fashion – Practice With your Looks

We mistakenly believe that some people are born with the innate gift of taking anything from the closet, putting it together, and making it work. Of course, there are, but they are few, very few. The most normal thing is that those people with style have tried and re-tested what they are wearing before giving them the final ok.


Practice makes a master. Tattoo that phrase. To find your style and discover looks that work, you must spend time trying each type. And in this way, you will know there are times when you achieve many successes and others, on the other hand, it was much better when you only thought about it in your head.

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