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What is OLV Advertising?

OLV Advertising: To promote on the Internet, marketers use targeting, SEO, email newsletters, push notifications, as well as OLV (Online Video) – advertising in videos.

We tell you everything about OLV marketing: what it is, what video formats are, how to launch a campaign and track its effectiveness.

Where is OLV Advertising Used?

Such videos are posted on websites, mobile applications, social networks. Users view them before or after the main video is loaded. Video ads can fill the entire screen or appear at the top of the screen. You can add interactive elements to it – buttons, links – and also provide the ability to turn it off.

Widgets and other interactive elements on the site help increase user engagement. Calltouch Widgets will help increase the conversion of your site. Add a callback window, a request collection form, or a multi-button to simplify communication with the client. With their help, the user will choose a feedback method that is comfortable for him, and the company will not miss a single request.


  • Increase website conversion by 30%
  • Callback, promotional landings, capture forms, multi-button, form auto-dial
  • Learn more
  • platform
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Let ‘s talk about the advantages of OLV videos :

Viral Promotion

Users are attracted by bright and interesting videos. People share them with relatives, colleagues, friends, discuss them, put likes and write comments.

Possibility of Analysis

With the help of television advertising, it is impossible to track how many people watched the video, whether the advertisement helped influence the customer’s decision to purchase. Unlike TV commercials, the effectiveness of OLV can be analyzed using Google Ads , myTarget , Yandex.Direct .

Achieve Multiple Goals

The mission of promotion is to motivate potential buyers to purchase a product. It can be done using OLV-rollers. Video advertising also helps to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and increase reach.

Cons of Video Advertising:

The high cost of running ads. OLV will cost more than targeting and contextual advertising . If you are just starting to market your business or are on a tight budget, look into other options.

Video Production Costs

Before you create an advertising campaign, you need to assemble a team to work on the video. It is necessary to come up with an idea, write a script, select actors and specialists for video processing, shoot and edit a video. All this takes time and effort.

risk of not getting results. The target is focused on a hot audience. OLV advertising is designed not only for the obviously interested part of the target audience, but also for that segment of it, whose representatives have not heard about your product at all. Some of them, most likely, will not show interest in him.

Video ad Formats

  • OLV advertising has a number of varieties.
  • Formats depending on the location of the video on the screen:
  • Overlay – an advertising banner that comes to the fore before the video.
  • Fullscreen – the video completely closes the user’s screen for a few seconds.
  • Top-line – video that is located at the top of the viewer’s screen.

Formats Depending On The Show Time:

  • Pre-roll is a short video up to 30 seconds long, which the user watches before starting the main video.
  • Mid-roll – the video is turned on while watching another video.
  • Post-roll – the video automatically starts after the main video ends.

Video Formats That The User Can Interact With:

  • Rewarded Video – a commercial in a mobile game, after watching which the player receives a reward (money, bonuses, extra lives).
  • An interactive video is a video in which the user can follow links, take surveys, and press buttons.
  • CPV video is a video that can be view only after clicking on it.

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