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True Living Candles – All New Experiences

True living Candles create a cozy and feel-good atmosphere and of course, we candle professionals like to use them a lot at home. However, they also have to withstand a lot because we also want to try out different situations privately to become aware of possible problems with the burn and to document them for you.

In pictures and catalogs, candle arrangements regularly sees standing very close together. Of course, this looks very pretty, but here are a few points to consider and pay attention to.

True Living Candles – All Important At A Glance

On most true living candles, you will find a small guide on the bottom that gives you a few essential tips to ensure a safe and clean burn. For example, one of the basic rules is only placing candles at a distance of about 10 cm from each other.

We have tested what happens if you don’t do this for yourself. You can notice that the heat of the candles very quickly melts the edges of the neighboring candles and the liquid wax runs out. It is also why it is essential to use a fireproof base to avoid damaging your furniture.

Tunneling And Wick Flowers

It is also essential not to extinguish candles too early. Ideally, no rim should form around the candles, but unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided and always depends a bit on the outside temperature and air circulation.

So that your candles can burn evenly and cleanly, you should carefully remove the edge with a knife as soon as it has reached a height of about 1 cm. It works best when the wax is still a little soft.

Vintage Candles In A Rustic Look With A Tealight Insert

Today we want to introduce you to a unique candle collection. The new vintage candles with a tea light insert and the unmistakable frosted look. In times like these, a light at the end of the tunnel is sometimes the most important thing. We can give ourselves and others as a gift because it symbolizes the hope and certainty that in the darkest hour. However, a small flame can become the brightest light and turn everything for the better. And what do we need right now more than hope, courage, and careful cooperation. So we don’t lose this certainty? When light illuminates the dark, for ourselves and others, the world changes.

Communion Candle And Confirmation Candle In Lasting Quality

The blanks of the attractive premium candles are made in Germany from pure paraffin wax in RAL candle quality. The filigree inscription service is done by hand, and it includes in the purchase price. The lettering harmoniously coordinates in gold or high-contrast in silver. In addition, you can choose from unusual foil or harmonious wax lettering for the candle. Carefully the candle is securely packaged in an attractive keepsake box, ready to be presented as a personal gift—fast shipping guarantees perfect organization and anticipation of the long-awaited day of honor.


Candles provide all kinds of different atmospheres. It gives freshness to the air by removing all the toxicity. True living candles are primarily famous for the fragrance and the light that it provides. It further categorizes into various sizes and shapes.

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