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Suit Sneakers – The Best Way To Dress Yourself

Suit Sneakers – Wedding season is here! And we can finally celebrate these magical moments with family and friends. It was time for the newlyweds to be able to celebrate their union. For this occasion, we bring out our most beautiful costumes, or we will have fun finding the ones we need for this beautiful celebration. But the real dilemma arrives! Dress shoes or sneakers? The perfect cocktail is undoubtedly the following: a white basketball suit. The basketball costume combo is also something very trendy. Moreover, this is also the case for the claims we wear to go to the office. Here is a small selection of sneakers, white or not, that we could wear with a costume:

What Sneakers With Suit Pants?

The time when we wore a sneaker only for sports is over, and that’s good! Wearing a trainer in town, we can control that, but it becomes a bit more dangerous with a suit. The choice of the model will have to be made around three criteria: a rather classic shape, a color adapted to the costume, and comfort. This Rudy’s “Novak” brings together everything you would expect from this sneaker, white, which remains the most obvious for this kind of association, a shape inspired by 80s tennis shoes, and Strobel stitching for flexibility and comfort. An ideal compromise offered at an unbeatable


Here is a brand that I have already tested during a duo shoot. The Billy model is a beautiful casual chic model! The smooth, white cowhide upper gives a perfect shape to our feet. The gray suede yoke at the heel breaks up this whiteness and brings freshness. The inside of the shoe, also in cowhide, can subtly bring a touch of color if we wear our suit pants with a 7/8th cut to reveal our ankles and this beautiful caramel color.Crowbar

Ascot X Charlie – Suit Sneakers

Having already tested the Soho Frost from Ascot x Charlie and having enjoyed the model, I felt obliged to select it for this subject. Entirely made of leather and placed on a sole, thanks to a Strobel assembly, the Soho is a quality sneaker! It’s a durable and timeless essential we’ll wear with any costume. It’s white upper mixed with gray suede inserts give the shoe elegance.

In Corio

A short week after writing the news on In Corio and their Maxime model, I had to give the latter a nod. Indeed, this perforated basketball has its place in this selection. Worn with a suit for a casual chic look, the Maxime is elegant in both its shape and its colors. The shoemaker finishes of this sneaker go perfectly with the case/sneaker combination. In addition to that, they are comfortable and resistant thanks to a Strobel assembly and a high-density latex sole. Breathable, thanks to the perforations, they will be perfect for our costume parties this summer!


Pure minimalism! The Royal from Jak’ is inspired by very minimalist luxury sneakers. Monochrome beige they are the brand’s first achievement. The materials that compose it are of good quality: full-grain calfskin, rubber sole, cotton laces, and cotton carrying bag. You understood that its unique color would match all of our costumes. Its rounded appearance and the impression that the shoe is made of a single piece bring elegance and modernity to this sneaker.

The Exception

It is one of our favorite shops at Comme un Camion. Of course, Parisians are familiar with this address which we regularly praise. What is less common knowledge is that the store offers an eponymous collection, and precisely, this sneaker is one of them! This shoe is simplicity incarnate and will work with a costume, a little extra: the pair exists in 4 color variations; the rear part changes, which can allow you to give this colorful touch to an element of the costume. Or an accessory.

Craftsman Lab – Suit Sneakers

Minimalist and efficient! It is how we can define the Essential Sneaker from Artisan Lab. This sneaker will be our best ally regardless of our costume, both in cut and color. Straight inspired by the 70s, this model has a sleek look. Its monochrome sail color is ultra trendy! She brings this note of elegance that characterizes her.


Suit Sneakers – If the context allows it, and the spirit of the wedding is relatively relaxed, a pair of sneakers is possible, but you still have not got the wrong model! You know me now, and you know my love for basketball. So, of course, I recommend a nice pair of sneakers for such an occasion.

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