Eyebrow micro pigmentation has become one of the preferred aesthetic options to shape the eyebrows and repopulate them. As well as to repair the imperfections that we can find on the face or body. It is a treatment that has been gaining popularity in recent years to become one of the most popular aesthetic options. It is a process that focuses in detail on the contour of the eyebrow so that it is as realistic and careful as possible.

Eyebrow micro pigmentation consists of injecting a pigment into the dermis with the aim of coloring or fixing the desired part of the body. In this case, the eyebrows.

This process is Carrie out through the use of a needle demographic that can vary depending on the type of eyebrow or the finish you want to have. In this way. There are needles to achieve a compact finish. Like an ” eyeliner, ” or even to add pigment to pigment and give that hair effect on the eye.

Aspects to Take into Account in Eyebrow Micropigmentation

The eyebrow micro-pigmentation process can last between twenty minutes and two hours. Depending on the type of treatment that you want to carry out.

One of the most frequent questions asked by those who want to undergo this process is if it is painful. Micropigmentation is similar to getting a tattoo. Although it is done on an outermost layer of the skin. So the pain is less. However, at Stillness Estétoca. We use topical anesthesia in the specific area where the intervention will be carried out to avoid discomfort to the patient.

Once the process has been Carrie out. There are several  aspects to take into account :

  • The area where the treatment has been applies may be red for the first week as it is healing or scarring.
  • Do not depict yourself to the sun or take a UVA session during the first month.
  • You can’t pluck your eyebrows either.
  • It is not a treatment for life. But a solution that can last up to three years and comfort for not having to put on make-up in that area.

Specialists recommend that neither pregnant women nor those with skin diseases undergo micro pigmentation to avoid risks.

Differences Between Eyebrow Micro Pigmentation and Microblading

Micropigmentation is responsible for implanting pigments at the epidermal or superficial level to give color and profile to different parts of the body. The most common, in the case of women, being the eyes, lips, eyebrows, and chest. Micropigmentation is increasingly use as a regenerative process to camouflage imperfections such as scars or to reduce or improve diseases that cause loss of skin pigmentation, micropigmentation is considered a permanent makeup technique.

On the other hand, microblading is a current aesthetic process that offers the possibility of having perfect eyebrows through the technique called hair by hair. Microblading permits you to change the shape and color of the eyebrow. Microblading is suggest for clients who, for any reason. Want to increase the volume of their eyebrows in the most natural way possible.

Results Obtained

Professionals and people who have already tried both techniques prefer microblading  over the other method. Because a more authentic look is achieve. After all. It done with more precision by going hair by hair. As opposed to the more superficial appearance that leaves micro pigmentation.

If you don’t like the figure of your eyebrows, you have little hair. Or you want a transformation in your life, don’t hesitate to bet on one of these beauty techniques.