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Why do People Perceive The World Differently?

Optimists are sure that everything will be fine. Pessimists tend to expect a dirty trick from the future. The reasons for this division are still being studied. Among them are called:


Scientists from the University of British Columbia published a study in the journal Psychological Science, according to which pessimists are not made, but born. Carriers of a certain combination of genes tend to perceive any events too emotionally.


Another reason could be education. A wary attitude towards the life of one or both parents can affect the worldview of the child. This way of behavior can be fixed in the subconscious and then translated into one’s own life expectations.Social


Perhaps such a mood is the result of a combination of several character traits or types of temperament.

Pros – yes!

A pessimistic attitude towards life can have its advantages. So, according to the information agency “Scientific Russia”, this strategy can be useful in achieving goals. For example, a person who does not expect bonuses from the future may:

  • much more attentive to one’s own condition,
  • take measures to minimize negative situations,
  • to calculate in advance which of his actions will bring more positive results.
  • While optimists will hope for the best and risk losing time and chances for a favorable outcome, pessimists will lay straws and, perhaps, succeed faster and easier

At the same time, according to a study published in the journal JAMA Network Open, there is a relationship between a positive attitude towards the future and physical well-being . Therefore, pessimists should be more attentive to any manifestations of imbalance and take timely measures to eliminate it.

5 Ways To Look At The World More Positively

“Factory settings” are unlikely to be changed by magic. But there are ways to learn to be optimistic about the future nonetheless. Here are a few options to help add positivity to your outlook on the world.

The Method of Positive Installations

Thoughts are material, and they can and should be changed. Try to reframe any negative expectations into positive ones. If you can’t do it in your mind, write down your attitudes on paper. Over time, the habit will take hold, and you will no longer need to resort to using a pen to switch to the “bright side”.


Use the face-feedback phenomenon. It is known that mood affects facial expressions: if you feel anxiety or fear, then you react to sensations at the level of muscle tissue. But there is also an inverse pattern – the state of the facial muscles can correct mood. Psychophysiologist Anastasia Dubinskaya proved that it is possible to break the circle of negative attitudes towards life by relaxing the facial muscles. When you smile, you send a signal to your brain that you are doing well. And the stress level goes down.

Positive Example

Surround yourself with optimists. And active: people who know that everything will be fine, and know how to achieve this. Friendly support, help and advice help to look into the future without the usual fears.

Sports As A Way To Be Positive

Analyzing research on the topic, Professor Simon N. Young found that an active lifestyle can increase the level of serotonin in the brain. Combine this tip with the previous one and get fit with like-minded people at the Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Lifestyle Club .

Balance in Everything

Having given up sad thoughts, do not forget to give up unbalanced food. More precisely, replace it with products that help bring energy and tone back to life.