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Valuable Tips For More Energy – Mental Relief

More Energy – A demanding everyday life can make us feel powerless and tired. If the energy is lacking, it clouds our vision, and we can appreciate positive experiences less. But why is that, and what helps against this constant fatigue?

What Can I Do Against My Tiredness?

Being tired without being able to sleep at the moment is exhausting. But, of course, it is not very beneficial to pour down liters of coffee or energy drinks. There are far more effective ways to overcome fatigue and get more energy in everyday life, both in the short and long term. Read our tips against listlessness.

Start The Day With Stretching And Exercise

Get your body moving in the morning with some stretching exercises. Try it: Just 10 minutes of stretching every morning will give your body more energy. At the same time, stretching prevents muscle cramps and strengthens your muscles and coordination.

In general, exercise and sport also help against tiredness. Whether you add a cardio unit, a jog or a bike ride to the stretching doesn’t matter. After the workout, you will feel fresh and alive again!

A Shower Gives You Energy Quickly

What helps immediately against tiredness? Of course: a contrast shower. Of course, you can get into the hot shower early in the morning, but before you get out, you should let the cold water rain down on you for at least a minute. The change between warm and cold boosts your circulation, opens the blood vessels, and is a natural energy source for the body.

If the cold all over your body puts you off, you can scoop cold water on your face with both hands or let it run over your wrists: You’ll be wide awake immediately!

Fresh Air Immediately Helps Against Tiredness

Oxygen in the brain increases performance and wakes you up. The effect is even more significant when it’s cool outside. Therefore, open the window and consciously breathe in and out deeply several times.

Going for a walk in the fresh air is even better for your energy level. Because you combine two of our tips for more energy in everyday life, namely fresh air and exercise, and strengthen your immune system. Sunlight also inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and gives you an energy boost!Fresh Air

Water Protects Against Dehydration

For our body to function, it needs enough fluids. Therefore, drink 2-3 liters of still water daily, and unsweetened tea prevents dehydration. Consequences of dehydration are, for example, lack of concentration and listlessness.

A Nap Helps Against Tiredness

According to a scientific study, 80% of Germans are tired and unfocused at lunchtime. It is due to our biorhythm, which provides a second rest phase in addition to the night’s rest. A nap or a short “power nap” can work wonders to replenish your energy balance. 15 to 30 minutes of sleep in the middle of the day is enough to be more alert and efficient and to lift your spirits.

Recharge Your Batteries By Laughing

When we laugh, happy hormones are released. A meeting with friends, a funny comedy, or laughter yoga ensures that our blood circulation is stimulated and more oxygen is pumped to the brain. Laughing also reduces stress hormones that make us feel tired. Laughter is a natural source of energy for your body!

Get More Energy Throughout The Day Through Diet

Diet plays a vital role in your energy level. Processed foods, too much sugar, and alcohol make you tired. Therefore, try to eat fresh, healthy foods that give the body energy over a more extended period.

Carbohydrates from whole grain bread or oatmeal are ideal for breakfast, along with vitamins, minerals, and fiber from fruit and vegetables. Instead of chocolate bars, you should use bananas, nuts, or pumpkin seeds as a snack, which contain many good nutrients.

For example, fish or meat, sweet potatoes, and quark provide a power boost at lunch or dinner. Those who prepare ginger tea with it are particularly lively.


Everyone who struggles with listlessness and fatigue in everyday life can breathe easily. Because all in all, it doesn’t take any significant changes to recharge your batteries. Even small measures can have a considerable impact. The most critical factors for more energy are enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. Even if some of the steps mentioned initially cost effort – keyword cold shower – their implementation can make your life more energetic and worth living.

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