Inspiring Ideas – Climate change, pandemic, financial crisis – there are more and more good reasons to be afraid. At least, that’s what you might think if you take a look at the media. So, of course, there is a need for action. The questions concern us. That’s why we asked people who never get a say in the media but are well versed in overcoming anxiety: Four of our coaches and meditation teachers showed us how we could best accept and transform our fear. Because only then can we act calmly and with a clear view.

Let Go Of Fears – Inspiring Ideas

“The be-all and end-all are becoming aware of fear. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Keep in mind that most of the thoughts we have throughout the day are worries and fears. Neuroscience has shown that 85% of the things we fear don’t happen. It means that most fears are not only a waste of time but also drain the body of a lot of energy.

Most societal fears stem from a thirst for power and greed. They serve to keep people docile. It occurs more frequently in times of collective change in consciousness. Man is asked to take responsibility for himself and his actions.

How Can I Overcome My Fear?

Personal fears that weigh on us are often linked to childhood experiences and experiences that go back even further. Here it is essential to recognize and transform the root of fear. There are helpful tools for this, such as constellation work, Kundalini Yoga, gestalt therapy, coaching, meditation, and holistic retreats in a protected group.

It’s about peeling off onion layer by layer to get back to the core and find the source of love within yourself, which remains independent of external influences. When we transform our fears, we come back to the nature of our being.

Inspiring Ideas –  Two Sides Of Fear

“When we guide exercises people can use to get closer to themselves, they also encounter fears. From the view of unfolding consciousness, it is necessary to perceive fear in two categories.

The first category is that aspect of fear that protects us from harm, sets boundaries, and protects our souls. This fear is helpful because it keeps us from doing something for which we cannot take full responsibility. It is where anxiety takes over and prevents us from harming ourselves or others. As a result, we procrastinate until we can develop trust, overcome fear and move on.fears

The second category is that aspect of fear that hinders us. It means that we cannot freely develop our consciousness. Again, this fear shows up in old images and assumptions. However, these old assumptions are outdated and redundant when viewed in the light of day.

Learn To Deal With Fear

It is helpful to look at which of the two directions the fear is coming. Over time, we become aware of our fears and can learn to deal with them. When fears come from the first category, we can choose to leave things as they are out of respect for that fear. We step back from what frightens us and trust that we can take that hurdle at a later time, at least if it matters to us at all.

However, if the fears come from the second category, we can realize they are not helpful. We can learn that while the old fears may have made sense when they were born, we no longer need them today. When we experience deep inside that, we no longer need this old fear as protection because we can protect ourselves today as adults. The outdated beliefs are allowed to recede more and more into the background.

Meditation – Accepting Fears And Learning To Let Go

“Fear weakens your immune system and makes you cramped. It takes away your hope and your zest for life. Fear dims the glow of your soul and isolates you from life. Before any virus can reach you, the fear of it is already making you sick. Fear is the most robust virus and weakens you on all levels.Meditation

You can deal with the fear spread through the media so that you remember yourself and the power of your heart. With some meditation, I would be happy to help you reconnect with yourself and heal your fear.


Inspiring Ideas – Every decision is based on either fear or love. We can be afraid and learn to trust that we are always taken care of at all times. It means breaking free from outside influences, listening to your heart, and adopting a positive attitude. Since most people find it difficult to confront their fears, these tools are excellent support to bring light into the darkness.