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Hype Sneakers From Nike – The Best Fashion Sense

Who doesn’t know it – The hype sneakers from Nike are usually unattainable. You find a shoe, fall in love with it, and after some research, it turns out that it’s sold out everywhere. On top of that, the hype sneakers from Nike and co. Then in the reseller also as much as a small car. So, so that you don’t fall into complete mourning, we’ll show you excellent alternatives to the most exciting hype sneakers today. They come close to the “original” in terms of style and are also a lot cheaper.

Air Jordan 4 x Off-White Sail

The sneaker of the year 2020 – A masterpiece by Virgil Abloh and a long-time favorite among fashion enthusiasts. Anyone who knows or has inquired knows that this good piece costs up to 2000 EUR in some sizes.

Air Jordan 1 High AND Travis Scott

Sneakerheads call the Travis Scott Jordan 1 a modern classic. An unmistakable silhouette with countless details of the Cactus Jack CEO. For around EUR 1500, this hype sneakers from Nike is not a must-have for everyone due to the steep price.

Air Jordan 1 High Dark Mocha

The Dark Mocha is a good alternative if you can do without playful details like the unmistakable inverted Nike Swoosh, the pocket in the sock liner, and the patches on the tongue. Many sneakerheads even prefer the Dark Mocha to the Travis Scott. For about 900 EUR less, you can also find a not quite as expensive alternative here.

Air Jordan 3 x A Ma Manière

The collaboration between A ma Manière and Jordan Brand has amazed many. A perfect mix of vintage and luxury elements. Unfortunately, this one had also gone through the roof in terms of price in recent months when it secured the title of “Sneaker of the Year.” You have to pay 1000 EUR for a new pair in some sizes.

Air Jordan 1 High x Union L.A Black Toe

The first collab between Jordan Brand and Union Los Angeles hit like a bomb, and the price of the Air Jordan models is increasing daily. The pair is a fusion of the “Neutral Gray” and the “Black Toe,” two OG colorways of the Air Jordan 1 from 1985. The yellowed midsole and the blue stitching round off the vintage design. You have to put around 2500 EUR on the table for a new pair.

Air Jordan 3 Muslin Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Black Toe

If you don’t care about the faces behind it all and want a sneaker in similar colors, you should go for the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Black Toe.” The butter-soft leather replaces by suede here. The sneaker is available for less than 200 EUR.

Air Jordan 4 Black Cat

After the Air Jordan 4 were on everyone’s lips. You can say the Air Jordan 4 has replaced the Air Jordan 1 and the Dunk and is currently the most hyped silhouette in the sneaker game. The Black Cat is a real all-rounder here – after all, you can never go wrong with an all-black sneaker. It is one of the best hype sneakers.

Air Jordan 4 x Olivia Kim

For many, the difference is barely noticeable. The collab between Olivia Kim and Jordan Brand has also increased in price but is still an excellent alternative for many. The shoe stands out with its shiny fur, which adorns the upper. The somewhat more detailed alternative is a good €250 cheaper.


Nike is one of the most famous and growing brands. Therefore, finding the right pair for your comfort and style is essential. Nike creates a whole new hype with its breath taking products. In addition, rather than the best fashion, the brand ambassadors also create huge hype because of their popularity.

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