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06 Jun 2023

The Health Benefits of Fitness

Playing sports as a family brings great benefits of Fitness and can also be fun. It is beneficial when there are small children. These simple experiences will help you build the foundation for a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

The little ones always have an enormous flow of energy. Nothing better than channeling it through sports. If the habit is instilled early, they will keep it forever.

The family sport also promotes self-esteem. If children feel that their parents spend time with them, they will learn to value themselves more.

Psychological Benefits of Sport as a Family

In addition to the tremendous physical benefits of sport as a family, there are also enormous psychological contributions.

In the human being, the body and the mind form a whole. Both dimensions complement each other and what happens in one of these spheres has consequences in the other.

Among the psychological benefits of playing sports as a family, we can mention:

  • Helps release tension and nervousness.
  • It facilitates learning to set goals and strive to achieve them.
  • Increases tolerance to frustration since not all plans are completed in sports practice.
  • Sports activity causes the brain to release endorphins. These increase the feeling of emotional well-being.
  • Increases the sense of energy and vitality. This increases your self-confidence.

The Health Benefits of Fitness

It can be said that sport is in fashion. It has become a common practice among people of different sex, age, nationality, etc. This fashion does nothing more than generate changes in the lives of the people who follow it, and that is, physical exercise improves the state of health of individuals, both the material and the mental state.

In this article, from  ISAF, our sports training center, we focus on telling you about the benefits of one of the most practiced variants of sport: fitness.

In general, performing fitness exercises helps to acquire healthy habits (just like any other sport would do), but it also favors body toning and enhances the silhouette.

Four Benefits of Fitness

Fitness and health are closely related. Its exercises can reduce the possibility of suffering from a multitude of diseases. We tell you what the main  benefits of fitness are :

1. Reduce the risks of obesity

Last year it was determine that about 13% of the population is overweight and that Spain is the other most overweight country in Europe. Fitness is an excellent practice to reduce these figures since it is capable of moving people away from a sedentary lifestyle and bringing them closer to a healthy routine.

2. Reduce the risks of suffering from depression

Physical exercise in all its aspects is a good ‘drug’ to combat depression, anxiety, grief, apathy, etc. It is a fact that physical activities favor the production of proteins, which are responsible for repairing neurons, stimulating endorphins, and regulating serotonin, among many other things.


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