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Fitball Exercises To Work On Your Bodybuilding

The fitball is a pervasive element in gyms but is little used outside of directed classes simply because many users do not know how to exercise with a fitball. A pity because doing fitball exercises for bodybuilding allows you to achieve excellent results. Especially for abdominal muscle building. It is also great to exercise at home since, in addition, it is a very economical element. We propose a series of exercises with a fit ball to work on your bodybuilding efficiently and achieve your fitness goals.

Exercises with Fitball for your Bodybuilding

Fitball exercises for abs will surprise you if you have never trained with this element. It is not a ball with which to balance without further ado. The intensity and effort required are great. It is a powerful muscle weapon to achieve a developed, defined, and toned core. But like all weapons, you must know how to use them properly. Including these fit ball core exercises in your workouts is what you need to look and feel better.

Dynamic Prone Plank

This is one of the great fitball exercises to start training with this element. But it is demanding, and you will notice it when doing it for the first time. The starting position is an iron face down with support on the forearms. But with, the peculiarity is that these do not rest on the ground but on the surface of the fit ball.

Fitball Exercises

Pike with Fitball

Do you want to put yourself to the test with a very demanding and, at the same time, very effective exercise to work your abs? The fit ball pike is the answer.

The starting position is lying flat on your stomach with your palms on the floor. And the fitball under the legs, between the knees and the ankles. The movement consists of pushing the body up until reaching the balls of the feet on the fitball . When raising the body, you must keep the throne aligned vertically with your arms and buttocks at the top. And the fitball was held with the tip of the feet.

Hold the location for a few seconds and return to the starting position. Do the move ten times per set. For an effective workout with fitball exercises for abs and good work for the glutes, do three sets per session.

Isometric Plank

The isometric fitball plank is another fitball exercise that will help you build muscle and tone your core and upper body. The starting position is straightforward, just like a standard plank, face down with the body straight. Instead of inactive your palms on the ground, you must rest them on the top of the fitball.

Isometric Plank

Climbers with Fit ball

Stair climbers are demanding exercises for a  complete bodybuilding workout. Among other muscles, they allow you to work the rectus abdominis and the oblique abdominals—also shoulders and legs. And even glutes, triceps, and chest, although these to a lesser extent. Doing these exercises with a fit ball is a fantastic way to optimize your training time.

The starting position is the plank face with the palms of the hand on the ground, the arms perpendicular to the ground, and the feet on the fitball. In this position, he bends his knees, directing them towards his chest and maintaining his balance on the fit ball. Always keep your hips elevated. And extend the legs again without losing the fitball or the hips approaching the ground.


The movement to perform is to go from leaning on the forearms to doing it on the palms of the hands while executing the plank. This is possible because the fitball slides. You will exert force both when performing this movement and when returning to the starting position.

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