Fashion shows are, without a doubt. The highest point of fashion creation and the events best known by the general public in the Fashion show industry. Everyone, at some point. Has already repaired scenes of models parading with pieces of clothing and accessories and has a greater or lesser understanding of the event’s meaning or importance for the sector.

Do you know the importance of fashion shows for the fashion industry? Indeed, these events. Incorporated or not into the significant fashion events, have a greater meaning than just the exhibition of the work of the stylists and their latest collections.

Fashion Show – Creating the Collection

When models walk the runway with impeccable clothes, perfect makeup, and coiffed hair. Few people imagine the entire creation, production, and staging process that a fashion show entails. It starts with a simple idea that moves a massive team behind the scenes of the fashion universe.

The first step begins months before the models take to the catwalk for the fashion show. Her stylist and her team start preparing the next season’s clothing collection. It begins with an idea, a concept that will be presented behind the garments, which can be a city, a culture, a decade, an artist’s work, etc.

After defining the theme of the collection. In-depth research is Carrie out on the music, and the colors. Embroideries, and other raw materials that will make up the fashion collection are select. At this stage, the stylist, graphic designers, and assistants are involve.

The Day of the Parade

After all these preparations. The big day of the parade arrives. Hairdressers and make-up artists prepare the models. The ironers, embroiderers, and sawists are attentive and make the necessary alterations to the garments. Such as putting on fallen buttons or sewing up pleats that have come loose.

The models are organize in order of entry to the catwalk, and the grand finale begins. The parade. Where the collection developed over months, is present to the public. At this stage. All the associates of the team are present and contribute so that mistakes do not occur in the parade and that it excites the public.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Fashion Show?

Generally, the construction of a collection and all the preparations for the show take months between the creative stages and the final specialist. This is because, as we have got, the work involves dozens of trained professionals from different sectors and functions.

All the effort must be integrate so that the final result is within the gathering schedule and can be appreciated by the specialize public and consumers.

What is the Importance of Fashion Shows to the Fashion Industry?

Being part of a  dynamic industry, fashion products are constantly being built and rebuilt, incorporating the values ​​of design and art, trends, and premiering aesthetics and ways of making fashion.

Thus, in each fashion show, the designer prepares to present his real moment of experimentation and innovation, a contextualization of ideas and objects in a new environment, creating a climate of expectation and surprise.

In this way, the importance of fashion shows is precisely associate with the fact that through them, these ideas are expose,  and these elements are present to the public, critics, and those responsible for defining trends.