Professional Hairdressing – The figure of the stylist has been evolving in recent years. A well-known profession that is committed to creativity, passion, and talent. Beautify people to get the most out of them and make them feel good about themselves.

A job that needs a lot of dedication and effort, but that pays off. A professional hairdresser. Apart from knowing how to cut and color hair. Must be aware of the most innovative techniques and treatments on the market and the most creative looks. As well as knowing all the applications of the numerous tools that exist in this profession…

And there is a large number of tools that are considered essential in a professional hairdressing team: scissors, shampoos, conditioners, masks, combs, brushes, dryers. right?

Stop to think when you enter a hairdressing salon, from the gown that they provide you. Through washing your hair to when they dry it and apply an anti-breakage serum… steps that we could enumerate and that would end up being endless.

Items that a Hairdresser Cannot Miss

The Dryer, your Number one ally in the Material

It is essential that your primary work tool is powerful, light, and allows you to work comfortably. There are many options, and from Universidad de la Imagen, we recommend you try Dyson dryers. It is the revolutionary tool for its fast drying, its ultra-lightweight and its power with a much smaller motor than a conventional motor and located in the handle, which does not burn and which means that the dryer can be grabbed from the head or the mango. Dyson is found at many international trade shows and events, offering the perfect opportunity to try it out and see it.

Some Good Scissors

Comfortable scissors, in the size with which you work with absolute comfort and of good quality, are essential. Remember to do constant maintenance and cleaning to last as long as possible.

Material Sterilizer

A material sterilizing device is essential so that the rest of the utensils in the salon are always in perfect condition. Any self-respecting salon has this type of tool for hygiene reasons.

Small Elastic Bands for Collected

The tiny rubber bands are a perfect element to make up and play with different braids, crossed, taking out hair to cover them and create exciting effects. We refer to the typical elastic, and tiny rubber bands used years ago to make small braids. They have evolved a lot, and there are soft ones that do not pull the hair and are very resistant. You can also play and create with satin or velvet ribbons, but above all, small rubber bands are a beneficial element for creations.

Shine Spray

Lacquer is often very useful, but on other occasions, it is not the most suitable element for your creations. It is a finishing product that achieves a much more interesting effect, adds shine, does not leave hair so weighed down or dirty, and is easier to comb.

Holster Or Shoulder Bag

Some people are dedicated to professional hairdressing and do not get used to carrying anything. Still, if there is the possibility of having a fanny pack, holster, or shoulder bag, it can be beneficial. The cart isn’t always close, or sometimes you need to keep your tools closer to your hand instead of holding them with your legs or leaving them on the dresser.

Remember that the Essential Thing in Hairdressing is Training

At Universidad de la Imagen, we always seek the excellence of the hairdresser, both in tools and gadgets and in skill. That is why we fight so that training is the fundamental pillar of the professional. Our Education team can reinvent itself in each training action, facing its training work with the utmost respect and excellence to turn a course into an entire Professional Emotional Experience. The trainers travel throughout Spain to approach the hairdresser and give him all the professional advice you need.


Each hairdresser and professional hairdresser has a different way of working and may use different materials and routines. It is essential for the customer to decide which is better.