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Dog Photography – The Right Way To Do It

Dog Photography – Skin and hair, from the tip of the nose to the paw. He’s not only my dog but also my best friend and constant travel companion when I’m on the road and working. There must be over 1,000 dog photos of him in my secret photo archive. But, of course, as a mistress, I find every picture of Boris indescribably beautiful.

The Right Composition Is The Be-All And End-All

No matter what picture you take and what motif you have in front of the lens, I think the most important thing when taking photos is the composition.

When composing, I rely entirely on the rule of thirds, a simplification of the golden section, and the most crucial thing when containing image sections. I also like to work with fictitious lines in the picture. It creates more harmony in the composition. The golden ratio divides the image into thirds, horizontally and vertically. In other words, two vertical and horizontal lines divide the image into nine areas.

Tricks Dog Photography

There should be concise motifs, such as the dog in my example, especially at the intersections of the lines, also known as focal points. Also, in this photo, the horizon is on one of the golden ratio lines, and the rocks end almost at the upper left focus point.

The two lines created by the footprints and the paws in the sand are two fictitious lines that give the photo that specific something and a dynamic. The format also plays a role in the composition – portrait or landscape. Portrait format photos often look more impressive with sitting animals.Tricks Dog Photography

Get Out Into Nature And Find The Right Perspective

It is best to photograph the dog in its element – outside in nature, when it shuffles through the forest, jumps over fields, and strolls along the beach. Whenever I want Boris to look particularly cute, I usually shoot him from above. However, photographing the dog at eye level or slightly below is much more impressive and exciting.

Dog Photography – Lighting Conditions

Don’t stand in the blazing midday sun and annoy yourself with dark shadows. I love photographing Boris in the afternoon when the light is exceptionally soft. It is best to look for a shady spot in bright midday light. At this point, a little reminder: “If the sun is behind you, you should press the shutter button.” I only make an exception at sunset.

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Attention To Detail

The example of the Moroccan market is excellent. The market is beautiful and has an extraordinary atmosphere. I imagine there are 1,000 different stalls with a wide variety of goods. Instead of taking a picture of the whole market with lots of people scurrying about, it’s better to pick a distinctive stall, such as a spice stall, and showcase it significantly. Such a brass pot with a pile of colorful spices immediately brings an oriental mood. You can apply precisely this principle to dog photography. A snout, a dog’s eye, or a paw as a detail shot sometimes says more and is much more interesting than always showing the whole body.

Mistress And Dog

What I like best, however, are the photos where I’m on it with Boris. Sometimes it’s just snapshots like playing by the sea. I also want to sit with Boris on a bench, meadow, or cliff and look at the landscape with him. I have a personal preference for back photos. In my post “Travel photography: 7 tips for travel photos that will inspire everyone,”. I can keep him happy when he sits next to me with treats. Otherwise I can advise you to have enough goodies to be able to bribe the dog and a lot of patience. Dogs are not photo models.


He doesn’t necessarily have to look into the camera. Unless you have Lassie as your dog, who will likely execute any command within seconds, I recommend having the dog stand or sit in one spot and walk around the dog to try different perspectives and compositions. In any case, the command “Halt” or “Stay” is very helpful.

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