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Burpees – Definition And The Results On The Body

Burpees are a complete exercise in which strength, resistance, and coordination are essential. When doing it, most of the muscles of our body are involved, and we strengthen the pectorals, triceps, shoulders, quadriceps, femoral, calves, abdominals, and glutes.

What Exactly Are Burpees?

The burpee is an exercise that has become very popular thanks to the increasingly frequent practice of CrossFit, and due to its effectiveness, it works for numerous muscle groups.

You do not need any extra material, so the burpee becomes a critical ally to improve our physical condition.

What Are Burpees For?

As we said at the beginning, burpees are a complete exercise in which strength, resistance, and coordination. Although therefore, in addition to the muscles we involve when doing them, if we introduce a variable other than common burpees, we can strengthen additional areas of our body.

Apart from strengthening us, performing burpees is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. If you do a series, you can see how your breathing accelerates and your heart rate increases in seconds. If we want to lose weight, tone up, and lose accumulated fat, without a doubt, this is a great exercise.

How To Perform Burpees Correctly

To explain well how to execute a burpee, we will explain step by step what movements you have to do:

First, you must stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart, then squat until your hands touch the ground.

The next step, without taking your hands off the ground, is to push both legs simultaneously until you are on a plank, then do a chest push-up.How To Perform Burpees Correctly

We perform this flexion and do the opposite movement to step 2, and we drive both legs bringing the knees closer to the chest.

And finally, the jump. Jump as high as you can and finish in the starting position. Raising your knees to your chest during the jump takes more effort if you want to add extra difficulty to the exercise.

Burpees Taking Weight

To make it harder and work more muscles, you can do one of the burpee variants, such as:

Burpee with pull-ups – the moment we jump, we grab onto a bar to perform the pull-up, strengthening the biceps and back muscles.

Burpees are the perfect exercise to tone, strengthen our bodies, and keep us in top shape.

Higher Intensity Burpees

If you already have experience doing burpees and prefer to train with higher intensity, take note of the following variation.

This type of burpee adds several more movements, which, in addition to involving a more significant number of muscles, increases its aerobic load, further improving the cardiovascular capacity of the person who trains.


Physical fitness is necessary for every person, not just sports athletes. It helps in maintaining the body posture and providing the right balance. The burpees is one of the effective workouts which helps in training harder. It is so simple, and the complete body comes into action. Full body workouts provides an additional stability to the body.

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