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Anxiety Disorder – Best Techniques To Push Yourself

Anxiety Disorder – When fears rule your entire life, it’s time to seek help. In addition to therapy, self-help is an essential building block in the case of an anxiety disorder to find your way back to everyday life. We will show you which ways there are to free yourself from anxiety disorders.

Do you suffer from fears that severely limit you? Anxiety disorders can appear as panic attacks, phobias, or generalized anxiety disorders. In addition to or after psychotherapy, self-help can help keep the fears in check and lead an every day and free life. There are different ways out of anxiety disorder. In addition to efficient tips such as exercise and relaxation, self-help also includes changing behavior and thought patterns.

Your heart is pounding, your breathing is getting faster, your thoughts are starting to circle, and you are already looking for the following escape route. These techniques can help you push back the pressure when anxiety creeps up.

Techniques To Push Back Anxiety


Even if it takes a lot of effort, you must not flee from the situation that triggers fear. Instead, endure the problem and the feelings associated with it. The more you face your fears, the more likely they will decrease. Especially if you suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder, you should not put off things or avoid things, as the behavior spreads to more areas of life.


Bring your attention to your breath. Regular, deep breathing has a calming effect on the body and prevents the shallow breathing that occurs with hyperventilation from panic. Consciously breathe deeply into your stomach, slowly counting to three. The belly bulges out, and the lungs fill up last. Let the air flow out again; this should take a little longer than the inhalation. So slowly count to four. You can put your hands on your stomach and feel the abdominal wall rise and fall.


When the fear comes, distract yourself by doing a math problem, counting stuff around you, or reciting a poem. Keep your mind busy with a tricky task, and you won’t have time to think about fear. But stay in the situation.Anxiety Disorders

Stop Signal

Talk to your fear. Tell her she’s not welcome now. If she doesn’t want to hear it, counter the fearful thoughts with an energetic “stop.” You can also press an imaginary “stop” button.

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Anxiety Disorder – Self-Help For Prevention

Various measures can help you to keep fears in check in the long term or to deal with them better.


Anxiety is often associated with solid physical tension. Especially those with generalized anxiety disorder feel nervous and tense all the time. Relaxation techniques can help you release stress and reduce your anxiety over the long term. In the case of anxiety disorders, progressive muscle relaxation is often part of behavioral therapy measures. But autogenic training, meditation, or mental journeys can also help if you learn them under supervision and use them regularly.Relaxation


Sport is recommended as therapy, especially for panic and agoraphobia. It is because sporting activity leads to a better body feeling. This way, you learn what your body can do and no longer perceive an increased pulse rate or faster breathing as a threat. Sport can also have an antidepressant effect.


Talking to other people is an efficient self-help measure. It can be family members, your partner, or friends. If you don’t yet dare to speak to people you know, an anonymous call to the telephone counseling service or a conversation with a therapist will help.


Anxiety disorder – the main reason behind this is the person’s nature. Many people are introverts and don’t like to share things with others. It makes the person suffer personally and causes a significant impact on mental health. Mental health should always be the priority.

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