Aloe Vera Gel – Moisturizing, soothing, healing, astringent, repairing? This green plant is ” essential “because it has many virtues. It is therefore used in cosmetics and food and care, making it a raw material of choice when we try to consume with awareness. Before discovering ten different uses of aloe vera gel, I suggest you find out about this exceptional plant

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel?

It has been a plant known for its virtues for many years. It is now trendy and used in many countries for its medicinal and cosmetic properties.

In the plant, there are two main elements which are the gel and the latex. The gel is composed of clear and transparent mucilage. It is this part that we need in cosmetics because it has many virtues for the skin. What is called “latex” is, in fact, the sap of the plant, which is recognized by its yellow color. Although very irritating, it should not be confused with the gel, especially when using the plant directly at home.

Aloe Vera Gel To Moisturize Hair

Aloe vera gel is an excellent hair moisturizer. You can incorporate it into your homemade hair masks and vegetable colorings. You can also use it as a leave-in (care without rinsing). In this case, a minimal amount is enough. If it is too much, it will tend to “freeze” the hair and give a cardboard effect. A small drop of carrier oil to finish will be appreciated to seal in moisture and give your hair extra care.

To Hydrate The Body

While it is an excellent hair care product, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin just as well. You can use it as it is or mixed with a bit of shea whipped cream, for example. In the case of dry or damaged skin (shaving, hair removal, sun), this combo will work wonders!

Tensor And Anti-Ageing

Aloe vera is an excellent anti-ageing treatment and is also widely used in organic or conventional cosmetics. Its moisturizing action is intense, and its tensor effect is quite pronounced. You can use it pure or mixed with our organic face serum. This combination will quickly replace your typical day and night creams.

Relieve A Sunburn With Aloe Vera

To relieve yourself, apply a hazelnut of aloe to your sunburn, then massage gently.

Little extra tip – you can keep it in the fridge. The sensation of freshness on the sunburn is delightful and provides instant relief.

Reduce Stretch Marks

Thanks to its moisturizing and restorative properties, aloe vera is a treatment of choice for getting rid of stretch marks. Of course, they will not disappear entirely but can be reduced significantly. In this case, applying the gel every day is enough until the desired result is obtained.

Replace Hair Gel With Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel has a reasonably sticky texture and allows the hair to hold well. But, of course, it will not be as effective or resistant as a classic gel. It can be a good compromise for children, for example.Aloe vera

Reduce Brown Spots

Aloe vera gel is a beautiful treatment if you have dark spots and don’t know how to get rid of them. You must apply it twice daily on your spots, massaging well until complete penetration. As with any natural remedy, the effects may take time to appear. But, after a few months of treatment, you should start to see change!

Relieve Eczema And Psoriasis

In some cases, applying aloe vera gel to patches of eczema or psoriasis relieves and reduces the appearance of new patches. Skin diseases are a complex subject. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. It is a solution to try if you haven’t done it yet!

Relieve Burns With Aloe Vera Gel

As for sunburn, I was Applying a small amount of aloe vera gel to a burn (1st and 2nd-degree burn) will make it heal faster. In addition, it keeps you calm; it will also provide you with immediate relief.


To make a good aloe vera gel, we only need a few ingredients – aloe vera, a gelling agent and a natural preservative. Avoid gels made from powder, whose first ingredient is water or which have an endless list of ingredients.