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Adult Cats – Various Tips Of Taking Care, Keeping Healthy

Adult Cats – To take care of an adult cat. Once a week. You have to put it on your knees and feel it little by little all over the body to see if there are any abnormalities such as lumps or scars. Also, check his urine. The way he chews, and if he has diarrhea, is constipated, grinds his teeth, spits up, or cannot urinate. Take him to the vet as soon as possible.

It is significant to highlight that the behavior of your cat also influences its health – Sometimes. In an adult cat, it is more difficult to know if it is sick. So if you see it listless or very aggressive, you will also have to take it to a veterinarian to check it out. This prevents any future discomfort such as disease, stones, or infection.

Health and Veterinary Visits

Veterinary visits

Especially if we have just adopted a cat, it will be essential to visit the veterinarian to do a complete review of its health status. The specialist will offer us a health card in which he will write down the administered vaccines and other important notes. Without the card, you cannot travel with your cat to other countries. Keep that in mind.

It is advisable to visit the veterinary every six months, a habit that will help us detect the appearance of any disease in our felines promptly.Veterinary visits

On the other hand, although adult cats usually reside inside the home, they can reach it with countless diseases through shoes, clothing, and even the air.


It will also be imperative to follow a deworming schedule, consisting of deworming it internally every three months and applying a monthly pipette. If you leave your cat in the garden, it will be essential that you offer him this care to prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes from reaching him. Discover some home remedies to deworm a cat at Animal Wised.

Sterilization or Castration

Finally, it will be helpful to ask our veterinarian about the sterilization of our cat. It is essential to understand that most abandoned animals come from unwanted litter, something ubiquitous in this species. In addition, neutering a cat has many advantages, such as a stable character, the certainty that it will not go off in search of adventures, and that we will avoid suffering during the heat.

Cat Body Hygiene

Although adult cats are clean animals by nature. It is essential to spend time helping them take care of their fur, and it will depend on it to show it shiny and healthy.

Cat Body Hygiene

Adult Cat Feeding

The cat must receive an appropriate diet for its condition and state of health. It is very significant to consider the different types of food that exist before getting one. But whatever we choose, it must always be of quality. In principle, we should feed a cat with dry food daily since it acts as a sanitizer for its teeth. This food should be the basis of their diet as it provides all the necessary nutrients for our felines. The recommended amount appears on the products packaging according to the cat’s weight.

On the other hand, in summer. On a whim or if we notice that our cat does not drink water. It is advisable to offer wet food for adult cats since it will provide extra hydration (besides, they love it). However. It encourages the accumulation of tartar. So it will be important not to overdo it and offer it only occasionally.

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